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WYJ017-2006                        718H

1、The technology conditions used in manufacturing plastic mould parts with thickness is no more than the 305 mm the hardened 718 H alloy die steel plates.2、尺寸、外形、重量及允许偏差

2.1 The steel plate edge rolling together. Cut the head and tail, don't cut two longitudinal and edge.

2.2Steel plate roughness requirements:≤7mm/M

2.3Plate thickness tolerance:-0~+3mm

2.4Steel plate length tolerance:+20~+50mm

2.5Steel plate flash residue control(see 1)

Table 1                         unit :mm


Plate thickness

Flash allowance







Note Flash in the table for the sum of bilateral allowance allowance

2.6 remember weight and mark

Plates shall be ordered to theoretical weight delivery, steel plate width to steel plate head ,middle ,tail of the  three places of the width of the average minus the minimum allowance for steel plate flash written heavy width; Steel plate with the actual length length minus the minimum length tolerance for heavy length to remember. "<100 mm thickness steel plate, the added value of the thickness of 0.5 mm. ≥100 mm steel plate thickness, the added value of the thickness of 1.0 mm. According to the regulations of the steel plate GB247 marking.

2.7 the rest of the steel plate size, shape, weight and deviation should be allowed to meet the provisions of GB709-88.

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