• SA612M


WYJ059-2006                          SA612M

1. The applicable scope

This technical agreement applicable to 25 mm maximum thickness of the low temperature pressure vessels in welding with calm steel C-Mn-Si steel production and inspection.

2. The reference standard (slightly)

3. The size, shape, appearance and allow deviation

The size of the steel plate, appearance, appearance and allow deviation executive SA20M requirements.

4. Technical requirements

4.2 delivery status: normalized processing

4.3 mechanical properties

 4.3.1 the mechanical properties of the steel plate should be consistent with the requirements of the table 2

Table 2





Property(12.5mmto 25mm)

tensile strength




yield strength





(gauge length




elongation(gauge length500mm),%(注1)



-40℃type transverse impactenergy  J

Average value≥27

signal value≥20

Note 1:   the elongation o f the two gauge length , which determined according to the gauge length used in the test , after choose appropriate standard , another standard is no longer apply.

4.3.2 steel plate for grain degrees by batch inspection, its austenite grain degree should be quartile 5 levels.

5. In the steel surface defects, the edge of weld repair defects, and the quality requirements in SA-20 M (2004 edition 2005 addenda) "by steel pressure vessel general requirements for" article 9 of the requirements.

6. Ultrasonic inspection, testing standard and qualified steel plate level clearly in the contract.

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