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  • Sell BV AH40, BV DH40, BV EH40, BV FH40, steel plate. Dates:2013-07-31 11:55:31 hits:71 scores:0

    Gangsteel has many years experience in shipbuilding steel plate, especial in super thickness ship steel plate of BV AH40,BV DH40,BV EH40,BV FH40....

  • BV/AH40|BV Grade AH40 STEEL PLATE Dates:2013-04-24 11:11:00 hits:97 scores:0

    Gangsteel is specialized in supplying BV high strength steel plate in BV Grade AH40 and BV/AH36,BV/AH32,other classification soceity...

  • BV GRADE AH40, BV AH40 STEEL PLATE Dates:2012-07-26 17:15:42 hits:76 scores:0

    BVGRADEAH40,BVAH40STEELPLATE Gangsteel isspecializedinsupplying BV highstrengthsteelplateinBVGradeAH40.FormoreinformationofGradeAH40steelplate,pleasechecktheminfollowing: BV/AH40highStrengthChemicalCompositioninTemperingandQuenching Grade T...