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ASTM A516 Specification

ASTM A516 Specification


1.Pressure Vessel Steel
ASTM A516 Grade 60 | ASTM A516 Grade 65 | ASTM A516 Grade 70

2.ASTM A516 is a specification for the use of steel in weldable pressure vessels. ASTM A516 is the specification for a range of steels used in the fabrication of industrial pressure vessels and boilers.

3.This particular material is known for its weldability and improved notch toughness characteristics and is ideal for use in lower than ambient temperature service. Good machinability and forming capabilities are also a feature of ASTM A516 steels.

4.We have a global reputation for the supply of high quality pressure vessel steel plate and our range of ASTM A516 steels are no exception. Of western European origin, we can supply plates from stock or directly from the mill.

5.We specialise in the supply of three particular steel grades of this type – please click on one of the product links below where you will be able to view details of chemical composition and mechanical properties.

ASTM A516 – Available Grades

ASTM A516 Grade 60
ASTM A516 Grade 65
ASTM A516 Grade 70

6.ASTM A516 specification steel is used throughout the oil and gas, chemical and power generation industry and can be tested to exceed your specified requirements. HIC Testing is one such requirement as this material is used commonly in sour service/ wet h2s corrosive environments and so knowing how susceptible the material will be to hydrogen sulphide corrosion is imperative.

7.For more information about ASTM A516 specification steel or to receive a competitive quotation for our plates, please to
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