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2.Stress oriented hydrogen induced cracking affects the heat affected zone around the weld joint. Stress-Oriented Hydrogen Induced Cracking or SOHIC is another hydrogen-induced cracking problem resulting from the same exposure to hydrogen sulphide (h2s) in wet h2s & sour service environments.

3.Differences between HIC & SOHIC
The pattern of cracking is somewhat different and tends to affect the stress load around the heat affected zone (HAZ) of welds since this is the weak point in the pressure vessel or pipe. SOHIC is most common where there is high hydrogen activity. SOHIC can also propagate from blistering caused by hydrogen induced cracking (HIC).

4.Once again, the supply of steel with resistance to stress orientated hydrogen induced cracking (SOHIC) is very important and while there are testing procedures available, a specific SOHIC susceptibility test has not been standardised to date.


5.We can advise you on the particular type of HIC tested steel grade suitable for your needs and also advise on the types of testing required prior to processing and shipping. And with a variety of HIC tested steel in stock, we will happily accommodate all your pressure vessel and boiler steel plate requirements.

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