Carbon Steel Plate Material

API 2H|API 2W Offshore Steel

API 2H|API 2W Offshore Steel

1.Structural Steel
Offshore Steel
EN10225:S355 | EN10225:S420 | EN10225:S460 | API 2H | API 2W

2.We supplies high quality offshore steel plate to the global offshore industry. Predominantly, offshore structures are built specifically for drilling oil and gas deposits deep under the sea bed. Whilst applications will vary, all will have exposure to the effects of salt water corrosion, powerful sea currents often dictated by the tides and strong winds. Our search for natural fuel resources has stretched into even more inaccessible areas such as the Arctic which has also resulted in rigs drilling at much greater depths and hence lower temperatures.

3.Structures in harsh working environments like these require a specific range of steels to promote greater safety, longer working life and reduce the risk of failure which in certain cases could prove disastrous.

4.Offshore Steel Characteristics:
High yield strength
Excellent weldability
Good internal soundness
Good resistance to brittle fracture (longitudinal and transverse)
Low phosphorus and sulphur contents
High resistance to lamellar tearing

5.We Limited supplies a wide range of high specification carbon steel plate for offshore applications – these structural grades also cross over into other markets and applications.

6.Below is a list of links to specifications which link to offshore steel grades as supplied by Masteel.
EN10225:2001 – S355 Offshore Structural Steels
EN10225:2001 – S420 Offshore Structural Steels
EN10225:2001 – S460 Offshore Structural Steels
EN10225:2001 – S460 Offshore Structural Steels
API 2H (Grade 50)
API 2W (Grade 50)

7.Click on one of the links above to get more specific information on the offshore marine grades we supply. If you would like to receive further information or indeed, require a quotation for high quality offshore steel, please contact us.

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