EN10225:S460G1+Q/S460G1+M/S460G2+Q/S460G2+M Steel

1.Offshore Steel
S460G1+Q / S460G1+M | S460G2+Q / S460G2+M

2.High quality S460 structural steel plate for offshore use as per EN 10225. The offshore industry places heavy demands on material product which are required to operate in some of the harshest natural environments.

3.Steel is no exception with products being developed specifically for the offshore market under the EN10225:2001 specification for steels used in fixed offshore structures.

4.We supply Grade S460 under this specification – it is used specifically in the building of offshore platforms. The material is quench and tempered and offers good tensile and yield strength.

5.Please refer to links to particular S460 grades for the offshore industry...
Links to S460 Offshore Steel Grades
S460G1+Q / S460G1+M
S460G2+Q / S460G2+M
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