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China Steel Plate Market price of 2016-01-19

Carbon Steel Coil and hot rolled steel coil

Carbon low alloy high strength Coil price is down 1.56usd, Now Each ton price is nearly 325usd.
Carbon steel Coil like ASTM A36 5.375*1500*Coil, Price raise 1.56usd each tons. Now, today the price is 317.18USD
The Carbon steel coil stock is from RiZhao, Yangang,Wugang WISCO factory with a first class quality.


Carbon Steel Plate

Doubled Killed steel Plate Q235B 20*2000*L Price is 310.9USD Each Tons From Huawei factory in China. EXW at shanghai warehouse. The price is stable with yesterday
But From Pinggang, Magang, and AnGang Factory Steel plate 20*2000*10000mm, Price is 314.06usd each tons.
The steel platerate rise again and again from 2016-01-14 to 2016-01-18.


Cold rolled steel Coil


Comparing with Hot rolled steel coil, the cold rolled steel coil do not change today.

The price is 421.875usd each tons EXW at shanghai city, 1*1250*Coil Size.


Galvanized Steel Coil


The No flower galvanized coil price is the same with Cold rolled steel coil, and also do not change today. 1..0*1250*Coil  The price is 443.75usd each tons From Jiugang, Huangshishanli, Bengang Factory.


Above information is China 2016-01-19 Shanghai market stock price rate. If you need more information or stock size of steel plate, please feel free to contact us.


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