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11/20/2015 12:11:05 AM

The tension was high as Gregoire Parenty and Martin Lindqvist took the stage to announce the winner of the 2015 Swedish Steel Prize. There were a few seconds of silence, a drum roll and then the announcement – Ponsse was the big winner.


After one of the most difficult decisions to date, the Steel Prize jury awarded the 2015 Swedish Steel Prize to Ponsse from Finland for developing an application that fully utilizes the advantages of high strength steel.


After the confetti fell and the cameras stopped flashing, all of the Swedish Steel Prize finalists took the stage for one more round of applause to recognize their achievements.


This year marks the 17th awarding of the Swedish Steel Prize – an award that becomes more prestigious each year


And how does Ponsse plan to celebrate the big win?

Late into the night,” said Katja Paananen.  “At  Ponsse, we know how to celebrate.”

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