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2.Hydrogen induced cracking in pressurised vessels and boilers poses major problems in the oil and gas industry. Hydrogen Induced Cracking (HIC) occurs when carbon steel is exposed to hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and is the direct result of electrochemical corrosion reactions between the sour service or wet H2S environment.


3.Particularly common to the Oil and Gas Industry where the use of steel pressure vessels is widespread, the risks of this should be considered when hydrogen sulphide partial pressure becomes greater than 3.5mbar. Carbon steel pressure vessels should not be affected by HIC damage where H2S levels are lower than this figure in a normal service life cycle. HIC is prevalent in wet H2S environments, which is often known as sour service and such cracking over a prolonged period of time without inspection, will reach a critical point and the steel component, i.e. pressure vessel, could easily fail.


4.Simply put, hydrogen induced cracking damage increases as the level of hydrogen sulphide increases.


5.Steel Quality
Susceptibility to hydrogen blistering and hydrogen induced cracking can be apportioned to the quality of the steel plate used. Another type of hydrogen corrosion, Stress-Orientated Hydrogen Induced Cracking (SOHIC), is normally found in the base metal adjacent to the weld, where the stress point is highest due to the internal pressure of the vessel and the stress on the weld point itself. HIC & SOCHIC can also be found in steel pipework.


6.The onset of hydrogen sulphide corrosion poses a major problem for the oil and gas industry in particular – it is no coincidence that many facilities employ dedicated engineers who rigorously inspect pressure vessels for signs of wear and corrosion.

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