Carbon Steel Plate Material

Armour Plate Steel MASTERARM 400

Armour Plate Steel MASTERARM 400

1.High Strength Low Alloy Steel
Armour Plate Steel

2.MASTERARM is Masteel's designation for armour steel plate. The world is becoming an ever more dangerous place and the need for improved security is now of paramount importance.

3.The steel industry is not by any means excluded from technological developments in the security sector with armour plated steel becoming a global consumable for protection against explosions or ballistic projectiles.

4.We offer MASTERARM our own designation for armour steel plate which is available in two separate grades. Our material is of the highest quality and specification, and displays excellent high yield and tensile strength. The steel is produced under a direct quenching process which not only promotes good blast and ballistic protection but also good dimensional accuracy and surface flatness.


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