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1.DIN 17155 Specification

1.DIN 17155 Specification

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DIN 17155
HI | HII | 17Mn4 | 19Mn6

3.DIN 17155, a German specification for pressure vessel steels, has been replaced with the Euro Norm standard EN 10028. The info on this web page is for cross reference purposes. DIN 17155 is the outdated German specification for pressure vessel steels and boiler quality plate. This specification (along with the BS standard) have now been superseded by EN 10028.

4.We find that our customers still refer to this old standard from time to time which is why we have included information of grades to the DIN 17155 specification on this website.
Please note though, that the information should now be used for cross reference purposes only.

5.DIN 17155 Pressure Vessel Grades
DIN 17155 HI
DIN 17155 HII
DIN 17155 17MN4
DIN 17155 19MN6
Please click on a link above to access information on theses particular steel grades.

6.To find out more about pressure vessel and boiler quality steels from us, please contact us.

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