Carbon Steel Plate Material

High Yield Steel S500MC

High Yield Steel S500MC

EN10149 PT2 Specification

1.High Yield Steel
EN 10149 PT2
S500MC | S550MC | S700MC

2.We supplies high yield steels in accordance with EN 10149 specification. EN10149: Part 2: 1996 covers technical delivery conditions for hot rolled high yield steels used for cold forming.

3.We offers a variety of high yield structural steels under this standard which available from stock at our UK warehouse. In turn we can ship these steels to our customers worldwide.

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Our high yield steels for cold forming include...
S500MC High Yield Steel
S550MC High Yield Steel
S700MC High Yield Steel
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5.For more information about our high yield steels or to receive the very latest prices, please ontact us.

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