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1.Structural Steel Sections
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H Section Steel

2.We supplies an extensive range of structural steel sections which are supplied throughout the construction industry. Masteel is a leading supplier of structural steel sections to many locations throughout the world, supplying a wide range of steel products. The range of shapes (sections as we call them in the UK or profiles as they are more commonly known across Europe) is very wide including universal beams and universal columns.

3.Hollow sections (RHS, SHS, and CHS) are available in metric sizes which are common both in the UK and across the continent. Hot finished hollow sections are supplied in accordance with EN10210 and in EN10219 for cold formed hollow sections. Although the sections dimension may be identical for both hot finished and cold formed, the capacities are not direct equivalents so care is required to ensure the correct grade is requested.

4.For open sections, although the grades are standardised across Europe the sizes are not. In the UK sections are generally produced according to BS 4-1:1993, which converts imperial sizes to metric (26" becomes 914mm), whereas on the continent the dimensions are truly metric.

5.The most commonly used grades are S235, S275 or S355. The grade designation represents the nominal yield strength for structural steels (S). Low temperature impact testing can be carried out at your designated test temperature ie -20°C, -30°C,-50°C.

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For further information about Masteel's structural steel sections please refer to the specifications below...

BS EN 10025 S275
BS EN 10025 S355 (low temperature impact testing available)
BS EN10025 S275H
BS EN 10025 S355H (low temperature impact testing available)

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