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2.As a specialist HIC tested steel plate supplier, We offers high quality pressure vessel and boiler quality steels to the oil and gas industry. Masteel supply HIC tested steel plate to global customers in the Oil ,Gas and Petrochemical Sectors. These customers demand the highest standards in terms of quality, durability and performance.

3.HIC tested steel plate is the ideal choice for pressure vessels and boilers in this particular market as it is tested for resistance against hydrogen induced cracking. It is deemed to be the most sensible and cost effective solution, since standard carbon steel plate is more prone to hydrogen sulphide corrosion in wet h2s and sour service environments, and is a far more cost effective alternative to stainless steel.


4.In essence, HIC testing is actually an evaluation of the steel for susceptibility to hydrogen embrittlement. The test procedure involves the evaluation of resistance of pressure vessel steel plate and pipework steels to hydrogen reduced cracking caused by hydrogen absorption from aqueous sulphide corrosion. An unstressed steel sample is exposed to a solution at ambient temperature and pressure. After a designated period, the sample is removed and assessed.


5.Our HIC tested steel plate is either tested at the mill or by an independent UKAS approved testing agency. However, as the steel we supply is generally for very high quality usage, our customers usually specify the test criteria themselves. Masteel can also help you formulate a test criteria for your pressure vessel steel. As far as is technically possible, your inspection and acceptance requirements can be tailored to your individual requirements.

6.We stock HIC tested steel plate at their offices in the UK and in a variety of grades. To find out more about HIC tested steel plate please contact us.

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