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Chrome Moly Plate A387GR.11CL.2

Chrome Moly Plate A387GR.11CL.2


There are many chromium molybdenum steel products available, each of which has very different chemical and mechanical properties, but they are often grouped as a single category. Chrome moly is the most common name for this group but other names that are used include chromalloy, croalloy, and Cr-Mo (pronounced “cro-mo”).


Chrome Moly Pressure Vessel Plates

Reliable specialises in chrome moly steel pressure vessel plates intended primarily for use in the fabrication of process equipment designed for elevated temperature service. 


Typical applications will include:


Pressure Vessels

Heat Exchangers




Pipe Supports


Chrome Moly pressure vessel plates from Brown McFarlane are manufactured to the following steel standards:





What do chromium and molybdenum do to steel?

The addition to steel of the alloys chromium and molybdenum bring characteristics which are particularly desirable for units operating in high temperatures. Both alloys improve high temperature strength, molybdenum improves high temperature creep strength, both improve hardenability and there are additional benefits from wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and impact resistance. At the same time a chrome moly alloy is relatively easy to fabricate. 


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