Crack Length Ratio (CLR) HIC plate


Crack Length Ratio (CLR) to one of evaluate HIC result way. According to NACE TM0284, The CLR result should be less 5%. The result is more less, The steel plate HIC result is more better.


According to NACE TM0248-2003, The testing solution is solution A that is 5%Nacl+0.5%HCA solution, and the initial PH value is 3.0, and be saturated by H2S.


The Test results of HIC are evaluated by requirement of TM0284-2003, The Crack Sensitivity rate (CSR), The Crack Length Rate (CLR) and the Crack Thickness rate (CTR) should be evaluated.


Crack Length Ratio (CLR) less than 5 %

Crack Thickness Ratio (CTR) less than 1.5%

Crack Sensitivity Ratio (CSR) less than 0.5%

The plate is tested to NACE TM 0284-03 Solution A and certified to EN 10204 3.2 (Lloyds). It is compatible with many of the world’s most stringent proprietary specifications including Petrobras N1706, Saudi Aramco 01-SAMSS-016, EEMUA 179, Axens IN-43, Shell MESC 74/125, and Shell DEP

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