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Sell AISI 5155,AISI 5155H,AISI 5160,AISI 5160H Low alloy Steel Plate

AISI 4720H,AISI 4815,ISI 4815H,AISI 4817,AISI 4817H,AISI 4820,AISI 4820H,AISI 5015
AISI 50B40H,AISI 50B40,AISI 50B44H,AISI 5046,AISI 5046H,AISI 50B46,AISI 50B46H,AISI 50B50,AISI 50B50H,AISI 50B60,AISI 50B60H,AISI 5060,AISI 5115,AISI 5117,AISI 5120,AISI 5120H,AISI 5130,AISI 5130H,AISI 5132,AISI 5135,AISI 5135H,AISI 5140,AISI 5140H,AISI 5154,AISI 5154H,AISI 5147,AISI 5147H,AISI 5150,AISI 5150H,AISI 5155,AISI 5155H,AISI 5160,AISI 5160H,AISI 51B60,AISI 51B60H,AISI 50100,AISI 51100H,AISI 52100,AISI 6118,AISI 6120,AISI 6150,AISI 6150H,AISI 8115,AISI 81B45,AISI 8615,AISI 8617,AISI 8617H,AISI 8620,AISI 8620H,AISI 8622

1. Steel Grade:

2. Delivery Condition: TMCP, Q&T, N, AR, CR, A, Q and N&T

3. Services of Steel: Cutting, Welding, Z15, Z25, Z35, Qt, N, Q, A, Sand clusting, Painting Flaw-Detection Grade1, Flaw-Detection Grade2, Flaw-Detection.

4. Steel Adopt Standard: UNS, AIS, ASTM, ASME DIN17100 GB6654, GB3531, JISG3106, JISGB6654, ASME, ASTM BS EN10025 EN10028 EN10084  API 5L and Others

5. Dimension of Steel Plate: Thickness-1~150mm; Width-1150~3700mm; Length-3000~18000mm

6. Min Order Quality: 2 PCS

7. Steel plate Price: Negotiation through contact links showing in the page left-hand

8. Trade Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF

9. Payment Terms: T/T, Irrevocable at sight  L/C

10. Delivery Time: Generally 10-20days

For more and advanced grade in hot rolled steel plates, please directly email to me or visit our website.
  If you have any question on steel plate, please feel free to contact us. we will give the perfect answering by our specialized knowladge in steel.
  Best wishes to you and your family.

AISI 9254,AISI 9255,AISI 9260,AISI 9260H,AISI 9262,AISI 9310,AISI 9310H,AISI 94B15,AISI 94B15H,AISI 94B17,AISI 94B17H,AISI 94B30,AISI 94B30H,AISI 94B40,AISI 9850,AISI  E71400,AISI 6407,AISI 6427,AISI 501,AISI 502
AISI 8622H,AISI 8625,AISI 8625H,AISI 8627,AISI 8627H
AISI 86B30H,AISI 8630,AISI 8630H,AISI 8637,AISI 8637H,AISI 8640
AISI 8640H,AISI 8642,AISI 8642H,AISI 8645
AISI 86B45,AISI 8650
AISI 8650H,AISI 8655
AISI 8655H
AISI 8660,AISI 8660H
AISI 8720
AISI 8720H
AISI 8735
AISI 8740
AISI 8740H
AISI 8742
AISI 8822
AISI 8822H


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