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Baosteel DE sheng HRAPL

abrasion smooth ignition oven unit


Roll rolling annealing pickling project formally began on March 15, 2017, the unit length of 650 meters, the main equipment total length of 539 meters, is located in baosteel's factory of anji sheng stainless steel co., LTD, with the original DRAPL unit parallel layout, structure way to the ground, underground mixing structure, made full use of space, save the energy consumption



RAPL units set rolling, annealing, breaker shot blasting and pickling process as a whole, which can realize direct rolling stainless steel black volume, baosteel is DE sheng implement breed structure adjustment and expand product variety, improve product quality of key projects.



After putting into production, will have an annual output of 700000 tons of high-end stainless steel pickling volumes in the ability of further reduce production costs, improve enterprise competitiveness.

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