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China Steel Plate price rising at the first day of 2016 New Year

According to inside of China main factory information, the steel material price had raised from 2016-01-01.

From 2015-01-01 to 2016-01-01 , steel market price had down and down. Now, the carbon steel plate price is nearly 290usd FOB at China mainly port.

The primary reason of lowing price is that Most of steel factory had produced large steel plate, coil, or other product. And the steel requirement is not enough from domestic and oversea market.

But, from end of 2015, China Government begin to do some job to deduct the steel material production yield because of environment pollution in China. Besides that, international + business also open the door of China factory.


In that case, China steel raw material begin to raise from today. At the Tangshan Market Steel Billet raised again and again. 2016-01-01, Raised about 15usd each tons,

So, Most of China factory, For example, ASTM A36 Jinan Mill raised price 10usd each tons, in carbon steel material.

At the same time, China stock investment market also raise too from 2016-01-01.


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