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Stainless steel stock raised 2018-06-13 from Down 200RMB each tons to Raising 200rmb each tons


Fried again!From what 200 to 200, up overnight

Ready to fall 100 201 merchants collective to maintain flat, in wuxi market, for example, 201 morning market mainstream burrs in 8550-8650 yuan/ton, close to the lunchtime, more have raised 100 yuan/ton;
Hot rolled resources more sensitive reaction, the east, wide green five feet from the 14900 yuan/ton back to 15000 yuan/ton mark, have raised 200 yuan/ton, to 15100 yuan/ton.

Foshan market, traders have also raised the quotation at noon, macro flourishing, yong jin, cheng DE from the morning market 15000 yuan/ton to 15100 yuan/ton, sudden, as the market inquiry frequently, companies have selected the rotary header for sale.
"Today in early trading price represents all the in the mind have been going up in price, but by noon is straightforward price!"Traders said.
According to traders, increases heart already in!Physical inventory is not much, much, the late arrival of the goods, of course, to raise, otherwise his inventory is "mop-up".

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