High Quality Steel Plate

Profile and Processing

Profile and Processing


Nickel Alloys


CNC plasma and Oxy-Propane flame cutting machines incorporate the latest computer software ensuring precision, accuracy and maximum material utilisation from the smallest profiled blank to the largest plate profile.


Computer aided design allows full development of Cones, reducers, Tees, Elbows, Lobster backs and other parts.


Multi-head cutting giving speed and efficiency for fast turn around of profiles and flame cut blanks.


A cutting capacity of over 14000mm long x 4000mm wide and up to 400mm thick ensures even the most extreme requirements are met.


Other processing includes Grinding, Milling, Drilling, Plate Stripping, Shot Blasting, Priming & painting and other services as required.


Plasma - the fourth state of matter. Add energy, in the form of heat, to a solid and you get liquid: add heat to liquid and you get gas: add heat to gas and you get PLASMA.


Submerged plasma cutting reduces the heat affected zone, minimises distortion and increases dimensional accuracy


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